03 Sep 2011
Musicosity Festival

3 day event with Reef headlining

26 Jul 2011
The Fleece, Bristol

playing with 4 other bands

24 Jul 2011
Rock The Park 2011 Festival

We are headlining Rock The Park 2011, a great local outdoor festival to raise money for Help For Heroes located in Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire, PO8 0QE.

Open : 12 noon - 11pm
Tickets : £20 - not available on door!

23 Jul 2011
Rock The Park 2011 Festival

We are lead support for Rock The Park 2011, a great local outdoor festival to raise money for Help For Heroes located in Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire, PO8 0QE.

Open : 12 noon - 11pm
Tickets : £20 - not available on door!

06 Jul 2011
The Railway Inn, Winchester

Playing with - Boxes

13 May 2011
The Joiners - Southampton (local band night)

Playing with 3 other bands, tickets needed to get in please get in touch and we can reserve for you on the door!

31 Mar 2011
Champions - Bournemouth

We are playing Champions on Thursday 31st March supporting Silent Prophecy.

Doors Open : 20:00
Tickets : £3

09 Feb 2011
The Joiners - Southampton

We are playing The Joiners on Wednesday 9th Feb 2011 with :

  • Once a Wolf
  • Ravenous

Doors Open : 19:30
Age Limit : 14+
Tickets : £6 on the door

MP3 Player

Debut Album : Without Regret Or Reservation - Free Download

Debut Album : Without Regret Or Reservation - Free Download

We are happy to offer our debut album as a free download to thank all the wonderful people that have supported us throughout the years. Download, listen, enjoy and share!!!


Rock The Park - Help For Heroes Festival

Rock The Park - Help For Heroes Festival

We are playing main support on the Saturday and Headlining on the Sunday so come down and not just support us but also support all the other bands involved and help raise money for a good cause.


Dorset Rock Online - Album Review - Without Regret Or Reservation

"I saw these guys when they were just starting out back in 2007. I remember thinking that they lacked confidence and that nothing really stood out… boy how things have changed since then!

The album begins with a wind sample and a beautiful string laden melody introduction of first song Time to Rise, building throughout to an excellent crescendo. The pace gets faster with next song Zero Hour which, while still having excellent melodies, shows off Nonpology’s more metallic side. Other highlights for me would include the twelve minute long epic Those That Follow and excellent album closer Time To Fall.

While all the band are clearly talented I think special mention must go to vocalist Dobes who switches from fragile and/or powerful clean vocals to a raging tempest, seemingly at will, and drummer Ally who somehow manages to hold the band’s complex songs together with expert skill!

Nonpology cite their influences as bands such as Unearth, Soilwork, Chevelle and Killswitch Engage but personally I don’t hear too much of any those bands in their music. This is by no means a criticism but in my humble opinion they remind of me of the days of British metal when bands such as the much missed Earthtone9, Miocene and in later days Sikth were still around and, in turn taking elements from bands such as Tool, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Pantera, Alice In Chains and other such influential bands to make something that is unique and an essential listen.

Those great British bands I mentioned are no longer for a variety of reasons so my final words would be that even though they are relatively early on in their career let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen with such a quality band as Nonpology. I’ll be at their next gig and buying their album."

Dorset Rock Online


Bloodstock: Metal 2 The Masses 11.04.10 Review

"Disadvantages seem to be the theme for tonight’s bands so far as Metalcore locals Nonpology are without bass player this evening. This isn’t enough to dampen their spirits though as their onstage performance is energetic and professional. The songwriting is great and the vocal range of lead singer Shaun Dobie is immense. His growls and screams are powerful, and although we thought that there’s the danger of too much singing, what was sung was note perfect and very strong."

Dorset Rock Online


"When the first drum beat starts you know that you’re listening to something special, when the guitars kick in your initial reaction is confirmed.

Nonpology have a sound that really connects with its target. Like a top sniper they score headshots every time. The musicianship is superb, this is apparent from the opening note of Boiling Point to the final melodic outro to Those that fall. Ally the drummer is fantastic with complex rhythms and blistering blast beats that really keep the whole band flying along at a furious pace.

The guitar riffs are simple at times but complex when they need to be. Everything is balanced really well so the sound is full and complete. The recording is professional and really lets every element of the band ring true to its design.

Their Myspace is very nicely laid out, the design is simple and effective, and really has a professional look, which really supports their professional approach to the music.

Without doubt one to watch - 8/10"

Taped - Album Review - Without Regret Or Reservation

Recorded at a Bournemouth University studio from April to June 2009, the ambition shown by metal band Nonpology to record a fully fledged album, instead of a going down the 'demo' route, is commendable.

'Without Regret or Reservation', produced by Owen Thomas from The Cave in California, was seen by the band as a way to put down all the tracks they had written up to that point, draw a line under them, and then move on to new material. What they have created is decidedly impressive and a firm foundation for what could be a decent career for the band if they continue in this vein and get the necessary bit of luck.

The level of musicianship throughout is excellent, the riffs sharp enough to cut your throat while the drums are heavier than a plane full of sumo wrestlers. A special mention must go to Shaun Dobie whose vocals throughout are top notch and puts to shame many metal vocalists who merely shout their way through their songs.

Nonpology's songs generally bring to mind a mixture of Machine Head, Lostprophets and Enter Shikari with the track 'Boiling Point' fusing together Slayer-esque riffing with the more melodic sections that Nonpology incorporate into their songs.

'Zero Hour' is another standout track, reminiscent of 'Ride The Lightning' era Metallica and 'Suffering is Optional' relentlessly assaults your senses. Another highlight is the penultimate track 'Those That Follow' which displays the maturity of the song writing and the groups considerable ability to structure a tune.

Minus points? The opening and closing tracks 'Time to Rise' and 'Time to Fall' are, strangely, not as strong as the majority of the other tracks on show here. You would expect something rather more hard hitting to start and end a debut album. 'Shattered' may also benefit from losing a bit of its middle section to make it leaner and keep up the listeners interest level. Other than those minor quibbles, a slower song around halfway through the album would be a welcome addition just to give the listener a slight rest before mayhem resumes for the second half.

However, dwelling on the negatives is not the right thing to do here as this is a mightily impressive debut from band acting on its own. There is no doubt that a good record label could take several of these tracks and release them commercially as a quality EP or mini-LP tomorrow, such is the standard of the songs, musicianship and production. With a few more tracks to reach the height of the bar set by 'Zero Hour' and 'Boiling Point', and we hope these will come with the new EP due in the summer, Nonpology could find themselves with an offer or two, whether they be a label release or a coveted support slot. 


Original Review :

Nonpology are a melodic metal unit, hailing from Bournemouth and the expanding South England metal scene. Consisting of five members, each with dedication, professionalism and talent in abundance, they have been polishing and refining their original sound since 2007. Their music fuses melody and power in perfect doses, and the formula of a heavy, incredibly tight and refreshingly melodic instrumental section with one of the best undiscovered vocal talents in the country is sure to please metal and rock fans the world over.