03 Sep 2011
Musicosity Festival

3 day event with Reef headlining

26 Jul 2011
The Fleece, Bristol

playing with 4 other bands

24 Jul 2011
Rock The Park 2011 Festival

We are headlining Rock The Park 2011, a great local outdoor festival to raise money for Help For Heroes located in Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire, PO8 0QE.

Open : 12 noon - 11pm
Tickets : £20 - not available on door!

23 Jul 2011
Rock The Park 2011 Festival

We are lead support for Rock The Park 2011, a great local outdoor festival to raise money for Help For Heroes located in Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire, PO8 0QE.

Open : 12 noon - 11pm
Tickets : £20 - not available on door!

06 Jul 2011
The Railway Inn, Winchester

Playing with - Boxes

13 May 2011
The Joiners - Southampton (local band night)

Playing with 3 other bands, tickets needed to get in please get in touch and we can reserve for you on the door!

31 Mar 2011
Champions - Bournemouth

We are playing Champions on Thursday 31st March supporting Silent Prophecy.

Doors Open : 20:00
Tickets : £3

09 Feb 2011
The Joiners - Southampton

We are playing The Joiners on Wednesday 9th Feb 2011 with :

  • Once a Wolf
  • Ravenous

Doors Open : 19:30
Age Limit : 14+
Tickets : £6 on the door

MP3 Player

Debut Album : Without Regret Or Reservation - Free Download

Debut Album : Without Regret Or Reservation - Free Download

We are happy to offer our debut album as a free download to thank all the wonderful people that have supported us throughout the years. Download, listen, enjoy and share!!!


Rock The Park - Help For Heroes Festival

Rock The Park - Help For Heroes Festival

We are playing main support on the Saturday and Headlining on the Sunday so come down and not just support us but also support all the other bands involved and help raise money for a good cause.


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New Gig Announced - 30th Jan

We are playing at Salisbury City Hall on Friday 30th January, from 7pm. Tickets are £4 and it is for ages 14+.

Supporting These Days Are Numbered, Eden Lake, Between Disguises, and Guerrilla Impact.

For more infor check out :

Happy New Year

"Where the hell have you guys been?", i hear you ask! Well fear not we are still here. Due to work commitments, travelling, and general life getting in the way we have had a few change of members, Plus i've been very lazy and not updated the website for ages :)

As such we have introduced some new blood, worked on new materal, and are ready to return to melt some faces :)

Rock The Park....Tomorrow!!!

Well tomorrow is the start of the Rock The Park 2011 festival at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

A variety of music styles
12 noon to 11pm both days
Rock, Indie, Punk, Metal, or Alternative, there is something for everyone.

Free children's entertainment - fully licensed bar - variety of food stalls
Disabled access, free parking - a fantastic day out for all.
Remember - this is a fundraising Event you get to give a little in return for an AWESOME day's entertainment.


More gig dates announced for July!

We have just been confirmed a for a few more dates around the south, so really wanna see some of your faces at these venues, Lookin so forward to it!!


02nd July - The Firehouse, Southampton - unconfirmed (update shortly)

06th July - The Railway Inn, Winchester

26th July - The Fleece, Bristol


We also have the festival dates inbetween these gigs at the end of July so make sure you book your tickets for Rock The Park 2011 on the weekend of the 23rd July where we're playing 2 nights for that. Click on the link for tix!

We have also been booked up for the Musicosity festival on the 3rd September but more to follow on that......

Location decided for the track `Someone` music video!

We recently went down to East Sussex to check out the possiblility of shooting our music video for the track `Someone` at this location. Gotta tell you that everyone was clearly shitting themselves without exception!


It's a badass house with about 30+ rooms to choose from, took some test shots and looks good. We have some video we might chuck up on here so you can see how much crap came out of us walking round that place......Going down there at night is not an option.......

The time has come.......New EP `WE ARE AT WAR` out NOW!!!

Our brand new EP release is now available to purchase from our shop in a jewel case together with a 2 page booklet!

It's also on its way to all good download stores as I type this, updates on that to follow!!

You can hear streams of the tracks on Facebook, Reverbnation, Pure Volume, Myspace, Last FM and pretty much anywhere else that's worth it !!


Hope you enjoy, we look forward to hearing what you guys think.


Ellis - NonPology

New NonPology T-shirts have arrived!!

Just in time for the new EP release we have some brand spanking NonPology t-shirts for you to get your hands on!

Check out our shop and order yours up, its all easy to do and secure through PayPal. We wanna see some 'pology tees bein' worn out there when we're playin'!! Makes us play faster !!!


Website Launched and Photos added

As you may have noticed if you are reading this the new website is live. We have spent a lot of time moulding and populating the site so it is packed full of information about Nonpology and our activities.

We will endeavour to keep this updated regularly with news, downloads and photos so check back regularly and remember to tweet or like any articles and peak your interest to let others out there know.

We have also received some more photos from our gig at Champions with Silent Prophecy (great band) buy the hugely talented Tim Churchill. These have been added to the gallery to take a look.

We would also like to remind people that the tickets for Rock The Park 2011 are not available on the door and so must be purchased in advanced. Remember this festival is to raise money for Help for Heroes so buy your tickets NOW!!!

“So where is this EP” i hear you cry? Well the mastering has been completed by Jakob Hansen and we are just approving the designs for the cover and CD art before it is sent off for printing. Here is a brief glimpse at how it’s looking.

The War Is Approaching

We are nearing the time when all the things we have been planning can finally be but into action. The EP mixdown has been finished and sent off to Jacob in Denmark for mastering, the CD designs have been completed and are ready for printing, the new website has been finished and Elliott has learned the set in record time and is gig ready. 

Everything is poised and ready to go as soon as the EP is finished so we can push the release as hard as we can. As such we have started booking gigs in anticipation.

We have a gig on the 31st March at Champions, Bournemouth, supporting Silent Prophecy and have been asked to play both days of the Rock The Park 2011 Festival. This is a 2 day outdoor music festival to raise money for Help For Heroes, taking place in Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Hampshire, PO8 0QE. We will be lead support on the Saturday and Headlining on the Sunday.

The arrival of Elliott

We would like to add Elliott into the NP family. a great bassist, currently down our neck of the woods attending uni, he has agreed to learn the set and take over Robs duties until he returns from his travels.

Not only does this mean that we will be able to start gigging with a full sound again soon, but we he is also a great bloke so its cool to hang out during practices. It's only a shame that we can't have two bassists in the band :)

Gigs, Mixing and Mastering

Thanks to everyone that came to the gig on Wednesday. Had a great time, met some great bands, drank and made some new fans so can't ask for more than that!

Initial mixes have been completed for the EP and are being reviewed by us to make sure they are all as good as they can be. I think we have had about 8 different mixes of each track so far so guessing the Owen is ready to kill us :)

Even better news however is that one the mixing is completed we have managed to hire the services of Jacob Hansen to Mater it for us.

In case you are unfamiliar with his work, Jacob is a music producer/engineer that has recorded and mastered albums for bands such as Raunchy, Volbeat, and Fear My Thoughts just to mention very few.

This is basically the icing on the cake to us that should make these already great sounding tracks just sound beyond amazing. We are very excited if you haven't already guessed.

Gig at the joiners

With the EP done from our end and now in the hands of Owen to mix over in LA, we can focus our efforts on what we love the most....Live Performance!!!!

We have been asked to fill a slot at The Joiners - Southampton, A great venue with good atmosphere and sound, playing with Once a Wolf and Ravenous ON Wednesday 9th February.

Although with Rob away we will have to do this bassless, it gives as a great opportunity get back into the gigging ethos.

We are very excited about this as well as it will be our first gig with new guitarist Martin so get your asses down there!!!

Happy New Year

Well the new year has begun and we are looking to hit it hard!!! Gigs, festivals, merchandise, music releases...we are gonna push this thing everywhere.

State of play with the EP is that we have finished recording vocals and found the guitar sound we were looking for. Everything has been reamped and i have to say these tracks are sounding amazing.

Working on the string accompaniment for them at the moment as well as the EP cover and inlay designs ready for printing. We have managed to get our good friend Owen to mix the EP for us over in LA so are very was him that mixed our debut album "Without Regret or Reservation" and so it's good to have him back on board.

No just got to prepare the files and send them over.

Rewrites and Movments

Well all the recording has been completed except for the vocals. We have painstakingly gone through all the tracks and manually tweaked and moved guitar stabs, bass runs, and drum hits to make sure this thing is as tight as we can make it.

Also, the perfectionist that we are, couldn't resist rewriting and adding new dynamics to parts of each track as we were going....this mean rerecording parts and altering drum patterns and bass rhythms...not an easy task as Rob is currently travelling the globe :)

However we have prevailed, although i think Ellis and myself almost came to blows a few times :), and it is sounding amazing. I think we can safely say we are in a love/hate relationship with these tracks at the moment.....we love the way the sound but are sick of recording them.

We are a very internet based group, using it constantly to liaise and send ideas to each other and so Robs absence is not holding us up. He has been listening, commenting and retabbing from New Zealand to make sure his Bass parts are exactly right and still lock with Ally's drums.

Now it is time for me to lay down vocals and for Ellis and i to start refining the guitar sound we are after.

Salvation is at hand

Well i have to confess that our spirits were slightly dampened last month, but have been elevated again due to two new arrivals.

The first is that of Martin who has agreed to join the Nonpololgy clan an our new guitarist. He is a very talented individual with whom we all get on with great and he and Ellis already have a good writing repport. He has already injected new vigour into the band with his enthusiasm and ideas and is currently learning the material ready to start gigging heavily in the new year.

The second bit of good news is that i have purchased a spanking new beast of a machine in order to handle the EP recording and we have also moved the studio into a bigger room so its easier and more comfortable to record and edit.

Disaster Strikes...

Well the recording process was going reasonably smoothly until now and we have hit a few snags....musically, technically and as a band as a whole.

Firstly after painstakingly recording guitars for "The Betrayal" to get it as perfect as we can through simply recording...this consists of a LOT of takes, drop ins and checks, we realised that the tuner we were using was a semi-tone out. As such we have to ditch the guitar track entirely and start recording it again.

The machine we are recording on is also overheating on a regular basis at the moment causing the whole thing to just reset itself without warning which is also not helping matters. Our current solution is to take the case off and place a giant fan direct next to it :)

Recording aside we also have to say goodbye to James who has decided to move to London to pursue acting. We wish him the best of luck and now the process of finding a replacement guitarist is underway.

EP Update

With Drums and bass now recorded, its time to move on to the guitars. But wait, i hear you cry, you have not told us anything about the recording process as you had promised us....This is true and hopefully the below will allow you to forgive us.

Firstly we figured out the exact tempos for each track and any tempo changes that were needed and laid out a click track to which we recorded a tight, if not perfect, guitar to...this was simply a guide track for Ally as playing drums simply to a click can be troublesome on its own so the guitar works as a guide as well as helping him play with feeling.

For the techies out there we are recording this ourselves using a Protools LE rig. This consists of a Digidesign Factory 003 desk, running off Pro Tools LE 7 on Windows XP. Due to the limitations of XP we have a maximum of 4Gb RAM to play with here :( but hopefully will do the job.

Ally is pretty good at playing to clicks and so the drums we completed with not too many drop ins which is good, as these can be difficult to do due to bleeds from other drums or cymbals. We tried not to do any mid play cut ins where possible, instead trying to get solid performance and cut ins on stops or quieter parts.

Next was the Bass. We all now how awesome Rob is at bass so this was really a walk in the park. We have made the decision that to get the sound and clarity we want and more control down the line we are going to record all guitars in dry (line in) and re-amp later. This makes life easier later as well as drop-ins during recording as there is minimal ring-off/distortion to content with.

Guitars coming soon.

Nonpology are a melodic metal unit, hailing from Bournemouth and the expanding South England metal scene. Consisting of five members, each with dedication, professionalism and talent in abundance, they have been polishing and refining their original sound since 2007. Their music fuses melody and power in perfect doses, and the formula of a heavy, incredibly tight and refreshingly melodic instrumental section with one of the best undiscovered vocal talents in the country is sure to please metal and rock fans the world over.